Welcome to Danson Oil.

We want to buy or lease your minerals

We are located in the Williston Basin, one of the hottest oil plays in the country. We lease and buy for clients nationwide and specialize in making top offers for your oil and/or gas mineral rights.
Contact us today for a no-hassle offer. We offer a no-pressure quote.
When terms are agreed upon, you can count on your money being delivered fast.

Reasons to sell

- Receive a lump sum payment and not have to deal with endless paperwork or communication. Managing your minerals can be burdensome. Let Danson Oil assume the headache.

- Receive a lump sum payment instead of receiving small monthly future checks

- Receive a lump sum payment because you need money. Cash is a sure thing.

- Waiting for a lease offer is risky and fickle. Let Danson Oil deal with the unknown on unleased minerals

- Easier estate planning

- Erase tax penalties on future royalty payments

If you contact Danson Oil, there is no obligation. So if you don't want to sell, or if you want to only sell a part and share the risk, Danson Oil is still interested in buying a portion or all of your mineral rights.